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Coronavirus: A-level results to arrive in year with no exams

Grades will be higher but there are questions about the fairness of estimated A-level results.

Belarus election: Second Belarus protester dies as UN sounds alarm

Protesters accuse police of brutality in the wake of Sunday's disputed presidential election.

Will 'triple lock' affect me? And other questions

Are you concerned about your results? Experts answer some of your questions.

UK 'must anticipate hostile states utilising pandemic'

China and Russia are among countries willing to use coronavirus to their advantage, MPs say.

US holds off on threatened tariff hike in EU Airbus fight

The US will maintain import duties on $7.5bn worth of items including French cheese and whiskies.

Family's fears over Leicestershire double murderer's release

A brother says he does not want his sister's occult-obsessed killer back in the community yet.

Sign cleaning gives Chatteris 'teenager with autism focus'

Joseph Beer, 15, is tidying up his neighbourhood and winning praise from residents.

Amazon Prime donates to Fleabag stars' theatre emergency fund

Amazon Prime is giving £1.5m to two UK funds offering support to workers affected by the virus.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris say Trump has left US 'in tatters'

Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris call President Donald Trump a "whining" incompetent leader.

Livestreaming in Asia: Meet the stars of 'shoppertainment'

As Covid-19 keeps millions of people at home, the popularity of "shoppertainment" has skyrocketed in Asia.




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