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Tunisia terror attack: Inquest into death of 30 Britons to finish

The coroner examined whether the UK government and travel firms failed to protect British tourists.

Publish race and pay breakdown, firms told

A government-backed review says greater openness on race and pay could help stamp out inequality.

Prison officers to withdraw from riot duty in pay dispute

The move is part of a fresh wave of industrial action announced by officers in England and Wales.

Prosecutions 'rare' for abuse by home carers

There were 23,000 allegations of abuse by care workers in people's homes between 2013 and 2016.

Free range eggs temporarily lose status after bird flu measures

Hens have been kept in barns for weeks under emergency measures to limit the spread of bird flu.

Blood tests spot ovarian cancer early

There is no screening programme for the disease, so patients say it would be of "enormous benefit".

Why your car servicing costs could be about to rise

An almighty row has broken out over who should control access to all the data your new car generates.

HMP Berwyn: How does biggest prison compare to others?

How does HMP Berwyn - which can hold 2,106 inmates - compare with to prisons?

'I gave birth two weeks after a heart attack'

Why women who are young, apparently healthy and often pregnant, suffer unexpected heart attacks.

Why is Geert Wilders so popular?

With just over two weeks to go before the Dutch election, the anti-Islam politician is still leading the polls.




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